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Monday, 1 October 2012

8 Pointers to Help Negative Behaviour from Acting Out

1) Eat and drink healthily. It's okay to have a little too much of something you like as long as you balance it.

2) Think positively. You know that feeling you have: the one where you are looking forward to something. A date, a meal with a friend, work. Remember that feeling or anything else that has made you feel good and use it to bolster your mood.

3) Act positively. Same as above but acting in a positive manner. If actors can act it... It works.

4) Choose to fill your life with positive people. Of course anyone of us can go throu a bad patch. A constant bad patch? Do you need pessimists in your life?

5) Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut and this doesn't help your mood or you trying to keep from snapping, feeling blue etc. Try a hobby.                                                 

6) Are you getting enough sleep? Not enough sleep, as everyone knows, can help our bad behaviours to exhibit themselves.

7) Look inside yourself, not outside, for behaviour. You are responsible for you.

8) We all need to feel connection, to have freedom, we need to feel that we are significant, we want to survive, and have enjoyment. Are you getting enough of these basic human needs? 

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