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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Don't Mess With Me

  This isn't a behaviour or a mannerism but I do think it's something that has caused attitudes to change and people to become less aware of others in ways that should matter and more aware of others if only to pick out their faults or zits. It is something that annoys me and this could cause me to be grumpy.

  The last time I saw this was in the Daily Mail on Tuesday. It made me feel a little queasy and horrified. 


  Well on Tuesday it was the picture of Anne Robinson having a day off from looking like a celebrity.

  Aren't celebrities allowed to have wrinkly knees? Aren't they allowed to have spots or eat chocolate etc? How would you feel if someone took a photo of you not at your best and splashed it all over a newspaper? 

  I can hear you crying: "It's their job. They chose to be in the lime light." Try imagining how it feels to be a celebrity. Papperazzi all over the place. Always have to look your best because that is what the public expect. Have to keep your figure looking perfect. Me, I'm tired just by thinking of imagining being a celeb.

  The press report news. I hardly class Anne Robinson's knees news. The press can influence us and I believe they have, with their condemnation of stars, changed our attitudes to humiliating people. 

  So this is a blog for all journalists and papperazi who want to write their articles and take their photos and humiliate celebs: 

I'm Watching You. You will never know when I'm around but I'll get snaps of you on an off day and post them on my blog just to see how you like it. 

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