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Friday, 28 September 2012


  How aware are you? How in tune are you about yourself? The more in tune you are about yourself, the more you will tolerate others when their behaviour annoys you. 

  Maybe the person who snapped at you is having a bad day!

  How long before you snap all depends on, in my belief, many factors. Here are a few of them.

  ❗ The genes you have from your parents
  ❗ How you were nurtured
  ❗ Diet
  ❗ Race
  ❗ Environment 
  ❗ Neurological impairments

  How you execute your behaviour in any day is down to you. You can chose to snap or not. If you understand that you may be feeling grumpy one day:

Looking inside yourself to find out why may nip any snaps before they've snapped someone.

  Remember these are only my thoughts on the subject. I'm no behavioural psychologist. My only insight into this is I was born to one set of parents and raised by another. Your comments and thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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