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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Welcome to My Blog

  I'm new to blogging. One thing that has interested me most of my life, because I'm adopted is: What makes people tick and why? Why do we behave in certain ways and are all behaviours and mannerisms inherited? 
 We all have our mannerisms and behaviours. We can all behave badly and we all have our personality flaws. We can all turn into a different person under stress and behave in ways which we usually wouldn't. We could shout and snarl, spend money frivolously, turn to drink or drugs, hit out in a physical way. 
  Are perfectionism, stubbornness, aggression, cheerfulness, spitefulness, etc inherited or is it all about nature vs nurture? 

Where do these behaviours originate from and are we ready to go on a journey and help each other to curb our bad behaviours and stem, as much as we can, our personality flaws? 

  I am not a scientist but I have spent a lot of my time analysing others and asking questions because I'm a curious sort. What I have discovered is what shapes us is still happening and carries on until we die. What causes you to behave in a certain way in certain situations does originate from how your we're raised. But if you are willing to analyse yourself and you want to change how you behave in stressful situations this is well within your power. The journey to who you are and why you are is sometimes painful and other times amazing but well worth looking at.

  Your comments and ideas throughout will be expected (how else am I going to learn) and they will be greatly appreciated. 



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