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Friday, 12 October 2012

The Day the Earth Should Stand Still

Hands up if you like shopping? Hands up if you like shopping at the Supermarket for your groceries? 

Is it me or do people become the centre of the universe as soon as they step inside a Supermarket. Are you one of these people? Below is a checklist. If you know you do more than three of the following then you are an "I\'m the centre of the universe shopper.

 Do you park within the white lines of the car spaces?
Do you stand just inside the entrance, so there is not much room for other customers, talking to your friend?
 Do you suddenly stop in the middle of a busy isle to talk to your friend?
 Do you reach over in front of someone\'s face without saying, "excuse me"?
 Do you jump ahead in the self-service checkout? 
Do you think the whole isle is there for you and your trolley?
 If you decide you don\'t want an item in store do you return it to it\'s proper place? 
 If you knock an item off the shelf do you return it to it\'s proper place?
 Do you leave your trolley in the middle of the car park? 

Do not despair. Become aware!

Shopping Eticate
Be aware of the fellow shoppers around you and be aware of the staff. No one wants bashed with a trolley or an elbow. Staff have work to do without folk giving them more because they didn\'t put something back where they got it. Not only does this cause extra work, but if a perishable item is placed with non-perishables the perishable is thrown away and this doesn\'t help the economy. No one wants their car scratched by a trolley that someone couldn\'t be bothered putting back in the bay. 

So if you are guilty of any of the above Tesco, please don\'t shop at the GPS coordinates given.

Thank you for reading. 
GPS Position: 5°28\'15"W, 56°24\'38"N-5.47106 , 56.41057

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