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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Christmas Hoodies

    The shelves are filling up with sweets for Christmas. The adverts are singing at you on the television. Your children are nagging you for the latest buzz in the toy world. Your significant other: well you are under pressure to get them the best present... 

  ...hang on a minute. We are a day away from November and you have 54 days until Chistmas. It's the Chistmas time warp. The advertising that is making you feel put under pressure. Let's face it these things are everywhere, from shop point of sale, television to magazines. Does anyone remember a time where Christmas wasn't such a mad rush in the shops? Why do people go crazy and pile in the shops like they are never going to open again? Because the bigwig companies who want your money are putting you under that pressure with their "in your face" adverts. 

  Don't become a Christmas Hoodie. So, there may not be enough chestnuts left for you this year. The Panettones all gone and nowhere to be seen is the Megatron toy for your son. These things will be back on sale again. If little Timmy doesn't know you we're going to get him Megatron for Christmas he's going to be well chuft you gave him a present after Christmas. Don't feel you have to bulk up on those Christmas presents because Megatron wasn't there either. 


  It's not the end of the world it's Christmas. And incidentally Christmas is here because it is a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus not because of who can give each other the best and most expensive presents. Do not be fooled by the lovely jingling Christmas adverts or point of sale luring you to the shelves.

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